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With 63 years of experience we produce high-quality cast iron pots and pans in Turkey, we provide our esteemed customers. Silver Casting Products; It has world-renowned REACH, LFGB (German food standard) and FDA (American food standard) certificates and does not contain any substances harmful to human health (bacteria and carcinogenic). It provides the opportunity to cook delicious food at low temperatures and in a short time due to the uniform and rapid distribution of heat to the surface in cast products. Due to the special interior and exterior enamel coating of our products, they do not rust if used correctly. Silver Casting pots and pans can be used in every stove. Silver Döküm products can also be used in ovens without scratching, thanks to their enamel faces. It should never be used in a microwave oven. In addition to the legal warranty period of 2 years, we provide an additional 3 years of warranty for Silver Casting Pots and Pans. It is guaranteed for 5 years.

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With 62 Years of Experience.

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